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Monogram Monthly April '16 Box Set

  • 4500

This gift set is the perfect if you loved one of our past Monogram Monthly subscription boxes and want to order a specific box. The April Monogram Monthly box set includes:

-Vine Monogrammed Beach Spiker

-Small Script Monogram Decal

-3 in. Glitter Vine Monogram Magnet

-Glitter Vine Monogram Iron-On

-Gold Script Monogrammed Can Holder

-3 in. Pineapple Decal 

Retail Value of over $60

Cost in set $45 with Free Shipping!!

****************WHEN ORDERING****************

Please leave the monogram: First Name, Last Name, Middle Name

Favorite colors: (List 2 or 3 colors from our color list that you love)

Favorite Fonts (List 1-3 Fonts you like best) 


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