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About Us

The Green Gift Company was founded in 2014 on Etsy. Now you can find some of the same items that were first sold and many more customizable items right here at
The Green Gift Company is your one stop gift shop! Take a look around our site and you will find many handmade and customizable gifts that are sure to meet your needs. If you are struggling for gift ideas check out our blog for inspiration and gift guides for all occasions!
The Green Gift Company serves people who are having trouble finding that perfect gift for their loved ones. Through our gift guides, subscription gift box-Monogram Monthly-, D.I.Y. gift blogs and our personalized gift lines, we are here to help you to find the perfect gift — while making it all feel like the easiest decision of your life.
Readers are not only loving all the gift inspiration they get from my blog posts, but are loving shopping from The Green Gift Company gift lines too.
Ashley Felts says my monogrammed jewelry holders "are simple yet so beautiful and are perfect bridesmaids gifts!", and says Monica Miller says "beautiful!! A perfect gift for a perfect girl! Thank you!!" about a custom wooden sign from The Green Gift Company.
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@thegreengiftcompany or @monogrammonthly

Hello lovely's! I'm Chelsea Green, and I am the owner of The Green Gift Company. Most of the items you see at The Green Gift Company are made by me and my husband Logan!
I like to get my hands dirty especially if it means I am creating something new. I want to share my adventures and attempts in doing that with you here on my website. I have always loved creating new things and re-creating old things. The Green Gift Company has become an outlet for getting my gift ideas out there to YOU. 
When I'm not out finding and making fun gifts for you to give — you can find me on the water with my husband and fur-child, scooping ice cream (YES, I also own an ice cream shop too) and the occasional Netflix marathon binge.
Get to know me better + find that perfect gift at and on Instagram @chelseagreen.