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The Story Of My Entrepreneurship.

Posted by Chelsea Green on

I never had a dream of being a famous actress or singer. I just wanted to be like my parents, which is what I considered normal. My mom and dad are entrepreneurs and my mom was also a full time teacher until she retired a couple years ago. I always considered my family to be normal and happy but as I get older I have come to think of my childhood as far better than normal.

Although many people from my high school complained about the town we lived in or how they couldn't wait to move out of their house and get away, I was the complete opposite. I felt lucky to live here, a small beach town called Gulf Shores, in south Alabama. I stayed at here, went to college near home and commuted to school. I went to business school for a Marketing degree and didn't move out of my parents house until a few months before I got married.

My parents are amazing and have had the biggest influence on my life. I depend on them so much even now, for advice and help whenever I need it. The always worked very hard and when I was little I used to say I wanted to be a teacher like my mom. By high school I figured out I didn't want to be a teacher but I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I liked the idea of being my own boss so I went to business school. Marketing was my favorite class so I decided to major in it. My Junior year my mom and I opened an ice cream shop because my family had an open space in their rental property and my parents didn't want it to be empty during the tourist season. I worked there full time while in school when we had it open, which was March through October. When I graduated I ended up buying the equipment from my mom and running it on my own.

I like my ice cream business. Its fun and fairly simple to run as far as businesses go. Most people are happy when they come in and I get to utilize my creative side by creating new sundaes and specials. I work a lot in the Summer and make enough to close in the Winter when it is really slow. I love owning my own business! I am off for 6 months every year and that is what led me to starting The Green Gift Company.


The first year I had the ice cream shop on my own I told my husband I wanted to open a gift shop one day. Where I could sell my hand made crafts and gifts. I love making things and I consider myself pretty creative. The Winter after my first year of owning the ice cream shop is when I opened my Etsy shop. My mom wanted me to make her some frames and since I had the wood I made some for myself too. I put one on Facebook and sold one the first day! I was so excited about that first sale! I wasn't expecting to sell one so fast but I was sure happy about it. I made an Etsy shop and had my first sale on there soon after that. The first few months on Etsy where slow but after a while my sales picked up and I had a pretty good first year for what I was considering a side job.

The Green Gift Company has been open for a year and a half now and I have learned that selling online can be hard, especially if you are making the items you are selling. It can be stressful and the Christmas rush was overwhelming! But I get so much happiness out of creating the new items in my shop that it is worth it. I eventually want to outsource some of my products and also sell products from other creative makers too. I always have 100 ideas running around in my head and find it hard to get myself focused sometimes. I think that is a sign of an entrepreneur!

I know I set out to be an entrepreneur, but I never thought that I would have two businesses so fast and love them both in different ways. I can't see myself stopping either of them because they are both such a big part of my life. Right now they work perfectly together and I am going to keep making the best out of both of them!

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