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December 2016 Monogram Monthly Box Reveal!

Posted by Chelsea Green on

December 2016 Monogram Monthly Box Reveal!

The December Monogram Monthly Box included: 

  • Glitter Monogrammed Oversized Plaid Blanket Scarf
  • Wooden Monogrammed Vine Magnet 
  • Plaid Circle Monogram Decal 
  • Vine Etched Monogram Decal 
  • "You’re Beautiful" Decorative Decal

We love themes here at Monogram Monthly, so for the December box we wanted to send plaids and warm colors.

The Glitter Monogrammed Oversized Plaid Blanket Scarf definitely tops the list for one of the most loved MM items we have sent out and we cannot blame our subscribers! Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it is sooo warm and cozy! And of course we love the glitter vine monogram! Glitter + Plaid= perfect combo! 

The Gold and stained Wood Monogram Magnet looks great on refrigerators or office filing cabinets. 

The Plaid Circle Monogram Decal looks great on coffee mugs and insulated tumblers. 

The Vince Etched Monogram Decal is made from a little different vinyl than we normally send out. At first glance the decal just looks silver, but if placed on glass it becomes translucent and gives an etched appearance. We love how beautiful it looks on candles and vases. 

The "You're beautiful" decal was something we felt subscribers could use in various places in their homes or work spaces. We liked the idea of putting on a car visor beside a mirror or maybe in a home bathroom mirror. Just a little reminder and pick me up for when you're getting ready! 

Happy Monogramming! 




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